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Szukam pracy

Szukam pracy na stanowisku Export.
Miejsce pracy:Lwow
Oferta ważna do:2014-12-31
Sektor:Sprzedaż i Dystrybucja
Wykształcenie: Wyższe techniczne

Opis kandydata:

I am interested in opening company representation (import, export, production) in Ukraine, the Russian language or other countries. Establishment of the company's turnkey. Information for importing: duty, VAT, certificates and other documents. Interested to be representative, the head of the mission. My professional profile can be seen on Linkedin. On favorInterested to be a representative of the company and participate in the organization of work, head office.able terms will operate as an importer dealer. Ukraine, Lviv. +38 067 773 73 13, +380 93 748 11 77 Skipe romanlaba12 , mail romanlaba@3g.ua