B2B Giełda Tworzyw Szukaj
Today’s information age, along with increased understanding of internet solutions across all business marketplace (including plactics), result in further development as well as building of the personal and direct contact with customers. While the internet will never replace the interpersonal contacts, we believe it is a driving force behind a positive force behind the continuous growth of the Plastics market.
We are therefore convinced that e-marketing tools will have a dominating impact on shaping external image of our Business Directory and will be the success in today’s marketplace. Thanks to world wide opportunities of the internet, the plastics market is already growing exponentially. This first impression is to be further instilled with personal contact to continue building business relationships.
Taking into consideration dynamic development of plastics branch in Poland, we started, together with group of friendly companies, plastics branch internet vortal www.tworzywa.pl
The main targets put before this undertaking are the exchange of information and opinions between representatives of branch, development of technical and technological ideas, consolidation of circles of specialists and entities acting in the plastic branch, and presentation of companies, their products and services.
Thus, we would like to invite to cooperation all companies interested in long-term presence on Polish Plastics market.
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