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Successful Trade Fair Exhibition for Motan-Colortronic and Plast Line


Successful Trade Fair Exhibition for Motan-Colortronic and Plast Line

"The Plastpol 2017 has far exceeded our expectations with regard to networking and forging new contacts", was the positive feedback given by Jacek Dobrzyński, managing director of the Plast Line Group, Wroclaw, a long-time distribution partner of motan-colortronic, Friedrichsdorf. The Plastpol 2017 was the 15th time that the Plast Line Group exhibited at the International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing in Kielce, Poland. "The Plastpol, being the most important trade fair for the plastics industry in Central and Eastern Europe, has always been highly significant for us, but Poland has also continued to be one of our most important markets", added Jochen Freier, Sales Director Export at motan-colortronic.

The focus of the companies' joint exhibition stand this year were the portable dry air driers LUXOR E A and LUXOR EM A and the coupling system METROCONNECT U/C

Mobile dry-air dryer for small throughputs

In order to dry hygroscopic plastics for small material throughputs or stand-alone applications, motan has developed the new, mobile dry-air dryers LUXOR E A and LUXOR EM A. Equipped with a permanently installed drying bin, the compact dryer provides the manufacturer with 60, 100, or 150 litres of drying bin volume.

The LUXOR E A models of the new range can be integrated into existing systems. They are designed to be connected to existing conveying systems. Alternatively, they can be equipped with their own stand-alone material loader. The LUXOR EM A dryers, on the other hand, are self-sufficient, moveable stand-alone units, for isolated application, for example. As standard, they are equipped with integrated dry-air drying and a side-channel blower, as well as a small, monitored cyclone blower protection filter. The cyclone filter consists of an easy to clean fine filter cartridge and a transparent dust collection bin. The pipe work for dry-air conveying with rigid hose connections ensures that the suction box is protected from environmental air and filled with dry-air. This is why material can remain in the suction box even during down-times, as it continues to be a dry environment, protecting the material from reabsorbing moisture.

The new dryers operate in a closed process cycle in combination with temperature-controlled regeneration. Both dryer ranges are controlled and operated via the LUXORnet EM controls via a colour touch-panel with self-explanatory illustrated guides. All functions for drying, conveying and the operation of the proportioning valves can be set easily. A weekly timer is also integrated. Operation is also user friendly after a re-start: Employees need only to select the material which needs to be dried and start the system. Filling of the drying bin and the material specific pre-drying then occurs automatically. The unit will signal when production can be started. Along with the integrated database with the drying parameters of over 70 types of plastic, a second database is available for the customer with free slots for the parameters of up to 50 materials.

Via an Ethernet interface the dryers can be integrated into existing networks. This means that all functions can also be operated from a superordinate system. The drying system’s data can also be collected centrally.

Both ranges can be equipped with options already familiar from larger drying systems, for example with a dew-point gauge, dew-point-controlled regeneration, or with ETA plus®- energy saving technology with automatic air flow adjustment and temperature reduction. motan-colortronic delivers the dryers pre-installed with all chosen options. All functions are previously tested in a factory setting. Only the material loaders need to be set-up after delivery. After a short installation, the dry-air dryers are ready for use. A benefit regarding their flexible operation is the compact design of the dryers.

Coded material assignment with RFID-technology

With the new METROCONNECT U/C coupling system, motan-colortronic is introducing a high quality, manually operated coupling station for pneumatic conveying systems, optionally as either an uncoded version (METROCONNECT U), or as a coded version (METROCONNECT C) with the maintenance free RFID-technology. The main benefit: The uncoded version can be retro-fitted to a coded version at any time. Additionally, older coupling systems can be extended with METROCONNECT C independent of manufacturer. Not only do coded coupling stations prevent coupling errors, they are often necessary if material tracking, validation, or certification is required.

In machine dedicated conveying systems, every single processing machine is assigned a conveying material feedline. The connection of the pipe to the different material sources occurs via a coupling station, which enables simple and flexible material changes. However, the manual switching of uncoded couplings is a latent source of error, which can have expensive consequences if the wrong material is conveyed to a machine.

The coded version of the coupling system, METROCONNECT C, is equipped with RFID-technology. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, a contact-free identification process. RFID-systems consist of a data storage (also called transponder or “tag”), as well as a reading/writing unit (sensor). When the transponder is within range of the reading unit, bidirectional communication begins.

motan-colortronic has equipped the hose couplings of the coded METROCONNECT C coding system with a swivel grip handle with an integrated tag. The lids of the coupling supports are also fitted with a tag. The reading/writing sensors are built in to the casing of the coupling supports. The swivel grip handles of the hose couplings have the advantage, that the transponder can be in the correct position for the sensor without having to turn the material hose itself. There is a removable cover on the coupling holders. Behind this is an LED light which signals operation or data exchange which is helpful for service work.

The coupling system is controlled, monitored, and configured with the METROCONNECT controls. These can be connected to the conveying controls METROnet and a visualisation via Ethernet. Up to eight blower lines (vacuum systems) can be configured with the METROCONNECT controls. A maximum of 96 loaders and material sources, as well as up to 125 coupling points can be connected to each blower line. If required, an extension of up to 250 coupling points is possible.

The mostly self-explanatory operation offers extensive monitoring and diagnostic possibilities. The operational state for every material outlet can be viewed via a status report. The reconfiguration of the sensors and transponders is also possible through the METROCONNECT controls.

motan is offering the METROCONNECT C coupling system completely configured ex-factory on request. The coupling system is also interesting for processors who may wish to change existing coupling tables when in the process of updating existing systems: Independent of the manufacturer, the METROCONNECT C coupling system can be adapted to older coupling systems.

The Motan Group

The motan group based in Constance on Lake Constance was founded in 1947. As the leading provider for sustainable raw materials handling it is active in the areas of injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion, compounding and in the chemicals industry. The application-oriented range of products includes innovative, modular system solutions for the storage, drying and crystallization, conveying, dosing and mixing of raw materials for the plastics manufacturing and processing industry. The manufacture is carried out at different production sites in Germany, India and China. Through its regional motan-colortronic centers motan distributes its products and system solutions. With currently more than 500 employees it achieves an annual turnover of around 118 million euros. Thanks to its network and years of experience, motan offers its customers what they really need: tailor-made solutions with real added value

Plast Line Group

51-180 Wrocław

Image 1:
Julian Sommerey, Sales Area Manager, motan-colortronic, Jacek Dobrzyński, managing director of Plast Line, Jochen Freier, Sales Director Export, motan-colortronic (from left)

Image 2:

LUXOR EM A: compact dry-air generator with integrated conveying.

Image 3:

METROCONNECT C – wireless coded coupling table

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